The recruitment funnel has a conversion rate of 1% or less, which means that most of the applications you receive drop off before the offer stage. Why does this happen, and how can we prevent it? They key is Candidate Engagement.

This episode of Instahyre Webinars, hosted by Instahyre’s Chief Business Officer Sarbojit Mallick, will teach you some handy tips on how to do so! Joining us is a guest panel comprising of Senior Recruiters from SIXT R&D and Treebo Hotels.

We will discuss how engaging candidates with a better pitch can help recruiters address this problem. Sarbojit starts out by explaining how the candidate thinks from a scientific perspective i.e. how the human brain transmits, processes and receives information. He then reveals how tactics from a popular book “Pitch Anything” that explains how to pitch anything to a person, can be used to “hook” a candidate.

Taha talks about his experience on scaling the engineering team at Treebo, and the challenges posed by how the market has become candidate driven, and candidates decide what they want to choose – millenials look for challenging tasks and want to change the status quo, and help people in the real world. So, the pitch has to be made in a certain way, also depending on the candidate’s role, age, experience, background, an other factors – all within small time frame.

Gokul adds to the discussion saying that customization and personalization of the pitch has increased their conversation rate from 40% to 75%, and how SIXT has been using WhatsApp and Instahyre to engage personally with prospects, making them feel important, valued and not a sheep in the herd. He explains that pitch has to include the benefits and perks, as well as things like profitability of the company to improve candidate engagement, make the candidate feel secure and inculcate their interest

Watch the complete webinar above to learn more!

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