October has proven to be a great month for us @ Instahyre. The platform witnessed a moderate growth in recruiters actively using Instahyre. Due to the festive season of Diwali, most of the companies were busy in celebrations and thus the uncertain hiring requirements.

However, what we found was that recruiter activity shooted up since everybody wanted to finish up their pile of work before they head towards their home for spending the diwali holidays.

As you know, we keep a hawk eye on recruiter activity on our platform to find out two star performers who will make it to the Instahyre’s Hall of Fame.

Yes, you got it right. The Recruiter awards that we announce every month appreciating the star performance by the winners.

Without further delay, let us announce the names of recruiters who made the best use of Instahyre platform for fulfilling their hiring requirements.

Talent Sniper Award

We are extremely happy to announce the winner of “Talent Sniper” award for the month of October 2017. And the winner is Sanjay Samuel , Recruiter-II at Amazon. Here is the soft copy of the award he received:

Star Recruiter Award - Talent Sniper - Sanjay Samuel , Recruiter II at Amazon

Without any doubt, Sanjay is one of the smartest and hard-working recruiters we have  on Instahyre. We find him actively using the platform to build a strong candidate pipeline.

He demonstrated excellent hiring skills and identified the best talent from the Instahyre’s Premium Talent Pool. He made an efficient use of Automated Candidate Reachout tool to reach out to potential candidates for his job postings.

Incase you are looking for an opportunity with Amazon, you can check out active openings at Amazon.

Talent Magnet Award

The Talent Magnet award for the month of October 2017 goes to Sneha Hegde, Talent Acquisition at Instamojo.

Here is the soft copy of the award she received :

Star Recruiter Award - Talent Magnet - Sneha Hegde, Instamojo

She demonstrated brilliant hiring skills and posted relevant jobs on Instahyre, with detailed job description, perks and key responsibilities. The Employer Branding features at Instahyre allowed Instamojo to attract the right Talent for each of the roles posted. Instamojo’s employer page is a great example of employer branding.

Sneha managed to attract a maximum number of inbound applications for the jobs she posted on Instahyre.

We congratulate both of the recruiters for winning the two most reputable awards on the best recruiting platform across India.