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How Does Switching Jobs Brings More Benefits Than Harm To Your Career

Don’t worry this is not an anti-establishment manifesto against modern careers. It’s actually a little guidebook to provide a tiny shove when you can’t decide if you want to leave your job.

Why and When Should I Consider Switching My Current Job?

First, we simply discourage you from switching jobs too frequently. That just shows you’re restless and disloyal. Second, never ever get a new job only for money. Greed really doesn’t go well with employers no matter how good you are at your thing. With those warnings established, let’s see what makes you eligible to leave your cushy cubicle.Continue Reading »

5 Ways To Be More Productive at Work

Daily office grind getting too much for you? Working hard but still not meeting deadlines? Feel like jumping straight into bed by the end of the day?

Well, we feel your burden. Not all of us can attain same level of productivity and still have energy left to pursue our hobbies at night. But, let us tell you that there are some daily habits that you can acquire to get the most out of your 24 hours. And working smarter and managing your time are the simplest hacks to productivity. Follow these and similarly elementary but effective ways mentioned below to maintain your efficiency at work.Continue Reading »

Top 7 Qualities That Can Make HR Professionals Remarkable Leaders

Who doesn’t want to succeed?

Everyone wishes to be a leader in their professional career. And the reason is obvious.


You not only become important to the company you work at, but even to the people around you. Things don’t stop here. You are given importance at company events and networking initiatives.

You enjoy it.

Don’t You?

But only a handful of people know what it takes to become a remarkable Human Resource leader.

Today, I will share some of the top qualities possessed by HR leaders and how you can achieve the same for yourself. … Continue Reading »

Salary Negotiation 101: How To Negotiate For Salary

“You don’t get what you desire, you get what you deserve.”

That’s a pretty neat advice to keep us grounded and focused on the hard work. However, believe me, you don’t want to go with that advice into a salary negotiation.


Because salary negotiation follows a completely opposite principle. To get the salary you want from an employer, you have to hustle for it. You got to put on a glowing display of your skills, experience, and use every tactic in the book to hook the employer in.

And this is why nobody cares what you deserve.… Continue Reading »

How to Stop Killing Time in Office and Get Shit Done

You’re wrong.

You’re wrong, if you think just attending office every day counts as work.

You’re wrong if you count finishing monotonous tasks as getting work done.

You’re wrong if you think you can hide from your manager all day. Believe me, they know.

And finally, you’re outright immoral if you stretch a one hour task to fill the 9-hour workday.

But wait! Let me explain my gripe …

Now, before you start hurling comments at me (like, “Who are you to give me tips to stop killing time?”), here’s the thing.

Continue Reading »

7 Exceptional TED Talks for High-Growth Employees & Entrepreneurs

Some TED talks just go viral within a few days of their launch. While others become popular over time. There’s no fixed formula to make people love a TED video.

Or is there?

To find out what makes some TED talks go viral, a bunch of people analysed the ones with the highest number of views. They found –

About 65% portion of the talk was personal stories while 25% was data (facts and figures). The speakers spent the rest 10% to prop up their credibility with achievements or projects they were involved with at the time.

Continue Reading »

Here’s the Real Reason You’ll be Fired (or fail to land a job)

You’ll lose your job, your career, and everything you’ve planned for your future professional life.

You will be fired and then you’ll struggle to land a role.

Your network will prove useless, and you’ll finally wonder, “WHAT the heck is going wrong!”


Unless you start working on a key set of habits, distractions, perceptions, and behaviour. You’ll need to let go of your sense of false pride in the workplace and give new meanings to your old ideas.

To sum it up – in order to grow your career as tall as you dream of, you’ll have to reinvent yourself, starting with some counterintuitive ideas.Continue Reading »

5 Office Distractions that Can Get You Fired (& how to crush them)

The age of data has arrived and it’s brought with it clear-cut performance measurement for employees.

Translation: Today, your unintended office distractions may be reason enough to get you fired. So, if you repeatedly have tasks left on your desk at the end of a workday, you’re in trouble.  

In fact, multiple predictions for 2017 indicate most companies are presently acquiring/building performance assessment tools. That, and a recent catchphrase “people analytics” mean this for you –

HRs and company leaders will have dashboards complete with all info to analyse performance numbers company-wide.

Continue Reading »

5 Jobs That Can Fulfill Your Dream to Work Abroad

Have you ever desired to work abroad? Even if not to settle, but just to experience things differently?

I’ll take it as a yes since a majority of Indians actually have that future plan. Plus, some of us have figured out foreign folks don’t lose their sleep over becoming an engineer or a doctor. 

Plus, some developed nations regarding work as work, no matter the job, makes it an even easier decision.

One more thing before I start, these jobs are not your Indian staple jobs (lookin’ at you, software engineers).Continue Reading »

5 Powerful Time Management Tips for Employees

Why is time management such a big deal that we read a piece on it every week?

I’ll tell you why.

Because we’re always looking for a ‘brilliant new hack’ that’ll finally help us manage our time. We hope that by clicking on each new headline, we’ll get to know about a new time-saving productivity tool, habit, or practice the author just uncovered.

But almost always, you’re disappointed finishing an article which has a catchy new title, but same old tips with a different makeover.

Why? Because managing time is like any other habit.Continue Reading »

How to Become a Travel Blogger: 5 Secrets from Pro Travel Blogs

Wanderlust often tempts us into leaving all our belongings behind and head out into the unknown.

And we don’t just roam into the wild, we want to tell thrilling tales of places far away. That’s how a travel blogger is born.

But there’s a breed of travellers who arrive at travel writing through a different road. These folks are only into exploring the deepest, highest and wildest corners of the earth – no writing involved. And then they ask themselves,

And then they ask themselves, “Who’ll feed me on my epic journeys?Continue Reading »

3 Clever Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work

In all honesty, everyone on the workforce is expendable, even the boss.

But not everyone is replaceable.

As such, there are many examples of employees turning into irreplaceable assets at their companies. They just added value that, if not huge, was certainly unique to them.

Whether it’s charisma, love for deadlines, customer handling, internal operations, taking initiatives and so on, a truly irreplaceable employee isn’t so obvious at the surface.

It’s what they do, not quite show, that has bosses hanging onto them at any cost.

No matter your profile, becoming an indispensable asset of a company is a no-brainer.Continue Reading »

How to Convince Your Boss That ‘Work-Life Balance’ Really Exists

Our tech world is evolving so quickly that keeping a healthy work-life balance has become a puzzle for us.

Today, we have great products & inventions in the market. We’re more productive, more intelligent, more successful in offices and our life quality has drastically improved since the golden era of industrialisation.

Really rosy picture, isn’t it?

Sadly, you saw only one face of the coin.

The other side reveals mostly stressed out employees who’re fighting to strike a healthy work-life balance. It’s become an exhausting exercise for the working class. Incessant push notifications, constant email drops, a late-night call from the project manager, invitation for an upcoming conference… This list of new-age tools never ends.Continue Reading »

7 Tips to Beat Work Stress & Reclaim your Peace of Mind

In today’s high-speed workplaces, stress levels are shooting up like burning stars in the night sky. Just turn around and you’ll see work stress crushing most professionals at your office. Worse, some are even stressed at home too.

But you think you’re not stressed at all, right?

Well, if you often feel angry, anxious, or suffer from any physical symptoms (see below) not caused by somatic or physiological reasons, read on. Also, read if you hate your boss.

Are you really stressed at work?

To start with, work stress is a condition which arises when work demands exceed way beyond your capabilities.Continue Reading »

5 Inspiring Success Stories that Show How to Overcome Failure

There is a really famous quote by Bill Gates that goes like, “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, But if you die poor it’s your mistake.”

This quote has inspired a whole generation of top entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are a great success today.

However, success stories are not created out of thin air. Reaching a successful goal requires a lot of effort in the background, which rest of the people rarely get to see. Perhaps it’s best encapsulated in the following quote –

“It took me 17 years & 114 days to become an overnight success” – Lionel Messi

People (this generation?) often want success without struggle and forget to pay their dues to the hard work.… Continue Reading »

5 Most Promising Job Opportunities For The Next 5 Years

Apart from hatching money for a living, your job decides your social status and allows you to discover your true potential. It stretches the limit of your responsibilities and brings out the professional in you.

Well, that’s the age-old definition of jobs.

Fortunately, that hasn’t changed much but only added more layers on the top. In the 21st century, demand has shifted and so have the best job opportunities.

In the world of computers, advanced healthcare and technology in different sectors, job opportunities have experienced enormous growth. And interestingly, the current generation is defining the new job roles – as opposed to the legacy companies.Continue Reading »