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#CoffeeWithHR : How Monica of Roposo Finds The Right Talent Which is Both Technically and Culturally fit for the Company.

In the latest edition of #coffeewithhr, We decided to visit Roposo to meet Monica, who is the Talent Acquisition Specialist for an interesting QnA session to get insights into their hiring methodologies, tools they use and how they find the right fit for the organisation.

Monica (L) -Talent Acquisition Specialist, Roposo and Isha Raj (R) – Account Manager, Instahyre

Monica told us a few great things about her thought on finding “Right Talent” for Roposo and a few tips for recruiters who are at a early stage in this profession. … Continue Reading »

#CoffeeWithHR: How Nupur Jain and Stuti Sinha of Wingify Hire Top Talent with a Swift Turnaround Time

Wingify, a Delhi-based fast-growing software startup, makes Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), a tool that helps marketing professionals increase sales and conversions on their websites using a variety of techniques such as A/B testing, behavioural targeting, heatmaps, usability testing, etc.

It has a presence in 80+ countries with customers like Microsoft, AMD, GE, and Walt Disney. Their another famous product PushCrew lets you talk to your online audience in an easy and delightful manner using push notifications for websites.

With such famous products in the bag, it’s obvious there are some brilliant minds working behind the wheel.Continue Reading »

#CoffeeWithHR: How Parinitha and Debdutta of GreedyGame Hire for Cultural Fit and Adaptability

GreedyGame is a native ad platform, that engages users with blended content inside the app. It uses the in-app objects as ad flyers and banners to provide an immersive experience with minimum distraction.  

And by the looks of it, the GreedyGame team reserves the same importance for their recruitment efforts. GreedyGame leadership knows hiring good talent is as important as a breakthrough product idea.

In fact, their brilliant HR team believes hiring A-players hinges more on than just providing fat salary offers. That’s why hiring team at GreedyGame tailors the elements to provide the best candidate experience to each individual.Continue Reading »

#CoffeeWithHR: Fulsmita tells us why Culture is #1 Priority at Get My Parking

Get My Parking, a rapidly growing Indian startup is revolutionising parking in cities. In a country like India with a population of 1.3 billion, this is a most welcome innovation in recent times.

But innovation doesn’t happen by itself, right?

Behind this great tech is an awesome team working devotedly at the Get My Parking Office in Delhi. And much more amazing is the one who manages takes care of this team – the HR.

So, we met with Fulsmita Bhattacharjee, HR manager at Get My Parking to know how she naturally takes care of everything from office inventory to the employees.… Continue Reading »

#CoffeeWithHR: Jisha Bawa of KartRocket on How Open Door Policies Lead to the Best Hires

#CoffeeWithHR is our ongoing series where we sit down with the best and the brightest in HR industry to learn their unique perspectives on hiring, managing teams, and creating a culture for success. In this third edition, we met with Jisha Bawa, Sr. Manager Human Resources at KartRocket, to discover how they hire, nurture, and engage great talent. Let’s meet her.

Jisha Bawa of KartRocket on How Open Door Policies Lead to the Best Hires

Jisha with her Instahyre Account Manager Isha Raj

How do you describe yourself in a few sentences?

Jisha: I consider myself to be someone who thinks positively and who is capable of executing challenging tasks.Continue Reading »

#CoffeeWithHR: Garima Singh of POSist on Creating a Culture of Freedom

“If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.”

– David Ogilvy

Companies that truly conquer the world are built on the shoulders of great employees. From building technologies that help billions in the world to bringing smiles to satisfied customers, you can always find tireless craftsmen behind every worthy enterprise.

So, if you drop down to the fundamental level, you’ll find that an amazing culture is what enables this innovation and excellence.Continue Reading »

#CoffeeWithHR: Neha Chahal and Pragya Singh of Fella Homes on Hiring A-Listers

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”
– Steve Wynn

A company is as great as the people it keeps. This greatness begins at the top and runs down to the last employee. But reaching that greatness requires a great deal of sweat, time, and patience. Especially for early stage startups with sky-high dreams.

And it all starts with bringing in the right people.

A startup that’s picked up this mantra early on is Fella Homes. Founded by IIT Roorkee and Stanford alums, Fella Homes understood that hiring and nurturing exceptional talent was key to building a great product.Continue Reading »