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Un-Campus Placements: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Un-Campus?

    Un-Campus is India’s first and biggest online placement event for final year students from Tier-1 colleges. It’s quite unfair that you do not even get to consider more companies if you have already secured a job. Our mission with Un-Campus is to change that.

    Un-Campus allows you to consider better opportunities in terms of both, the companies you want to work with, and the package being offered to you. Being an online event, it also allows companies to hire students from more colleges. This implies that both students and companies get more options!

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Why We Introduced a Freemium Model

When you think about a “freemium” product, your first thought is the conventional approach to freemium. Build a bare bones product, make it free, and then charge users as you build more features into it.

But that’s exactly what we’re not doing at Instahyre.

We spent last two years building a powerful algorithm and a refined, profitable product. We served over 500 companies from startups to MNCs (check out what they say!), experimented with pricing models, and tweaked things whenever the numbers didn’t support us.

And finally along the way, we found our sweet spot.

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Collaborative hiring for a team. By a team!

There is no “I” in a team, considering that on every level a team has to join hands and work towards a common goal. Collaborative hiring has emerged not only as a trend, but a method that is the need of the hour.

What entails collaborative hiring?

A fair and smart hiring system lays the foundation of a successful organization. It is the first step towards team building and hence, decides the fate of an organization and how far it will go.

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Hiring becomes faster, better!

We’re excited to finally launch Instahyre after a highly successful private beta!

There are a lot of tech companies in India solving interesting problems. Yet, most developers have a really difficult time finding their perfect job. On the other hand, the biggest challenge for companies is to hire the right people. The best teams build great companies.

So, we decided to create a marketplace where talented individuals meet the best tech companies in India. We do the hard work of screening each candidate thoroughly and approve only the best talent to participate in our marketplace.… Continue Reading »