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Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding

Lately, the term ‘employer branding’ has flooded corporate vernacular. Every respectable company seems to be incorporating an employer branding strategy. Leaders are figuring out ways to push it up on their priority list. The race to be ‘the best place to work’ is getting crowded each day.

But, are organizations adopting employer branding initiatives as quickly as they’re needed? Are they identifying future trends and key areas to work on?

Today’s global environment has not only disrupted old ways of doing business but also changed how resources are managed, including human capital.Continue Reading »

4 Tips to Create a Really Cool Company Culture

If not for logos, companies do not have faces.

Instead, companies have employees as their most important representation. How they deal with clients, how they look at problems, and how they behave at their workplaces, speaks a lot about the values, ethics, practices, and beliefs of the company. In short, the company culture.

While company culture is not tangible, every workplace still has cues that reveal the culture. It is visible in the way a company makes decisions, hires people, explores opportunities, resolves internal and external conflicts, and even in the way they introduce changes and new directions.Continue Reading »

Company Culture and How To Sustain It?

Company culture is the single biggest factor when it comes to retention of talent. A company that makes no efforts to acknowledge its employees’ achievements or extra time and effort that they put into getting the work done, cannot hope to retain them for long.

A good, friendly workplace environment is crucial to help maintain an employee’s loyalty and enthusiasm in working for the company. If no incentives are provided, then the employee gets fed up in the long run and looks for a change where their work will be appreciated.Continue Reading »

If companies want to hire IITians, let them!

When last year IITs banned a number of startups, a lot of brouhaha was made. Everybody was trying to take sides. Some people were trying to justify IIT’s actions while the startup community was trying to defend the banned startups’ actions. But is it really our call?

Let me freshen up your memory. 31 startups were banned last year from IITs. Some due to revoked offers, some because of deferred joining. The issue was not just limited to IITs but also some of the IIM graduates have to face deferred hiring.… Continue Reading »

How to Search for Candidates Using the Right Keywords

One of the most common issues faced by recruiters is that of irrelevant profiles showing up when they search on a database of candidates. This is a huge source of frustration and time waste, right?

So what’s the secret behind using search keywords and filters to get the right results? At Instahyre, we understand exactly how the algorithms behind the search page work, since we have our own Advanced Search page.

We thought we’d share some tips that should really help you get better results when searching for candidates, whether on Instahyre or on other platforms 🙂

Tip 1: The “Key” behind Keywords

Let’s examine what happens when you use Instahyre, Naukri or LinkedIn to search for the phrase “Java Developer”.Continue Reading »

How to Make Top Candidates Join Your Company

A startup’s success greatly depends on the quality of talent they hire. Better the talent, more their chances of beating the competition.

Interestingly, our candidate-centric market has put the spotlight on the top performers. Now they have the upper hand in selecting the employer of choice. And this tough competition between companies is leading to low joining ratios.

As a result, companies are splurging on counter offers to hire and keep their top performer than trying to find a new one. Obviously, nobody wants to lose their best people.

So, when everyone has their eyes set on the same pool of talent, how do you fight the competition?… Continue Reading »

Our 5 Best Reads Of 2016

2016 has been a huge year for growth and milestones for Instahyre. And throughout our journey in 2016, we shared what we learned and then some more. With every post, our goal was to provide you interesting, valuable and actionable insights.

Of course, not every post on Instahyre blog was a hit.  Some attracted average reads while others went off the charts with their readership. We’ve collected below some of the same interesting posts that engaged, informed and struck a chord with our readers.

Recap the year in hiring industry with our 5 best reads of 2016.… Continue Reading »

Automation – Are you going to lose your job to robots in 5 years?

“They said Ned Ludd was an idiot boy, that all he could do was wreck and destroy, and he turned to his workmates and said: Death to Machines, They tread on our future and they stamp on our dreams” – Lyrics of a song by Robert Calvert

Ned Ludd was a textile worker in the 18th century England. He was a regular fellow, just like you and I, who happened to like his job. In fact, he loved it. So, when the industrial revolution brought forth inventions like automated textile equipment, his job was threatened like never before.… Continue Reading »

7 Phone Interview Questions That Reveal Everything About A Candidate

It’s an age-old tale really. You’re midway interviewing a sea of candidates and suddenly a light bulb goes off in your head. You realize that more than half the candidates don’t meet the basic criteria for the role. What a waste of time!

This is a common scenario with recruiters/interviewers if there’s no strategic hiring policy in place. To prevent such a huge waste of resources and possibly a big headache, try phone screening interviews. Phone interview questions are a way to know the candidate enough so you can rule out candidates which are a strict no.Continue Reading »

5 Tips For Recruiters To Hire The Best Candidate [Infographic]

Ever wonder why some recruiters are able to close positions so fast, while others struggle with finding the right candidate. A lot has changed in the recruitment industry in past few years and only a few have been able to keep up with it. Be it adapting machine learning and AI based recruitment platforms or simply making use of social media, in these  difficult times in hiring, you need to be fully prepared.

This infographic contains 5 tips for recruiters which we have learnt from the companies who have managed to hire the best quality candidates.… Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Spot a Liar in an Interview (Instantly)

How good are you at catching lies?

Do you rely on your conscious, rational mind? Or do you let your instincts take control to detect subtle hints of a lie?

The disposition of an interviewer is, arguably, similar to a detective interrogating a suspect. Besides asking questions, examining skills, and checking the documents of a candidate, an interviewer has to read between the lines as well. Not to forget also to check the resume for fraud.

If you handle recruiting for your firm, you are aware of these trivial nuisances as routine activities.Continue Reading »

Startup Hiring Sins

Hey startups! Are you trying to build a team?

Or looking to onboard a fearless cofounder? 

Or maybe you have hit the investment jackpot and trying to scale up!

Well, congratulations on the journey thus far. We know the steely grit it takes to start on your own with only dimes in your pockets and building a thrilling startup. We applaud your efforts and hope you continue to hack your way through this ruthless startupland.

Therefore, to assist you with some tools for the oncoming battle, here we are with some roads best not taken when you’re going shopping for a team for your startup.Continue Reading »

Difficult times in hiring and how you can prepare for it

LinkedIn recently published their annual Talent Trends survey of 2016 presenting the demographic of the global talent pool. They surveyed over 19,000 contractors and full-time workers from around the world about how they change jobs and the best ways to attract and place them. Image above is part of the report showing geographical distribution of skilled workers.

To hiring managers, above picture might look like a screenshot straight from the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, but the real picture isn’t that pretty. ManpowerGroup, a leading workforce solutions company, conducted their annual Talent Shortage Survey of 2015 and found some illuminating pieces of information.Continue Reading »

Are you hiring smartly or just filling up spaces?

With so much of moolah being put into startups, hiring still remains a major source of headache for most of the founders. How do you avoid committing hiring mistakes? Money is there to be given to the best of talents across the country, but are we giving it away smartly or just trying to fill our office places with this money. Industry trends show an increase in average salary of the funded startups compared to the unfunded ones. But how do we ensure that their salary is justified. Are they capable enough to take charge?Continue Reading »

Structure Your Interview Process To Make The Right Hire

Being an HR and a recruiter yourself, nobody knows better than you that interview and hiring process requires a lot of time and effort. Hiring is just not the job of HR or the recruiter, it should involve senior management, founding members and even team members at times. For a job that touches so many aspects and is key to the company’s success, interviews should be given more respect than it actually gets.

Just walking into the interview room with no plan whatsoever is a waste of time for both, you and the candidate.Continue Reading »