What is this webinar about?

Did you know the first user experience designer was a cognitive psychologist? Well, that’s what User Experience is all about in a nutshell. It is a field that’s emerging and growing quickly due to its significance in all industries. But what is UX Design? Is user interface the same as user experience? What should you study in order to be a UXD? How much of coding do you need to know to be a UX designer? And ultimately, what are some UX Design Hacks one should know? Don’t worry, we are here to clear the air!

In this session, we wanted to cover the best practices of User Experience Design and how UXD can be leveraged by other job profiles, like that of Developers or Marketers or Product Managers.

We got on-board a few UX and UI Designers from Myntra, Amazon & Delhivery and discussed questions from basic like ‘What ix UX?’ to technical like ‘What tools are the best for Prototyping?’.

Some of what we discussed:

  • From the landing page, a marketing manager should be able to communicate to the user about the product, and its benefits & features in a crisp manner, by being functional, to the point and unambiguous, within that small space.
  • Developers should have more sensitivity towards design to bring in harmony in the overall process of Product Development.
  • Designers should know how coding works and vice versa as one gets to know the limits of the other i.e coding or design, and it becomes more practical to work around things.
  • While creating forms, developers should use the UX Design Hack of engaging the users by providing motivation to fill the form at every stage.
  • Process of User Experience Design.
  • How to make the process of User Onboarding smoother, engaging and flawless.
  • Tools used for Prototyping and Wireframing.

We also pondered upon the concepts of infinite scrolling, design conventions, persona creation and relationship between Product Managers & UX Designers. Watch the full video above and discover top UX Design Hacks!

Meet The Speakers

Ankita Agrawal | Senior UX Designer, Amazon
Currently working as a Senior UX Designer at Amazon, Ankita graduated in Masters in Design from the National Institute of Design. Earlier, she has worked on user experience at MakeMytrip and at Indus OS. She is passionate about solving complex digital problems by providing meaningful experiences.

Rahul Das | Lead UX Designer, Myntra
Rahul earned his degree in Apparel and Textiles design, working as a freelance Graphic Designer and then as an interaction designer. He founded a design studio where his clients included Fortune 500 companies to local start-ups. Subsequently, he bacame a Product Designer for Treebo Hotels before joining Myntra.

Asif Zaidi | Product Design Manager, Delhivery
Asif understands both languages- of a software engineer and a UX designer as he has worked as a Software Engineer before moving to User Experience Designing. He has previously worked as a UX Designer at Housing and as a UX/UI Product Manager at Rentmojo, before joining Delhivery.

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