What is this webinar about?

Harvard called Data Science ‘The Sexiest Job of 21st Century’. The reason being that data is being generated at super speed right now and businesses can utilise that data to form functional insights. That’s where Data Science come in. But what exactly does a Data Scientist do?

Yes, everybody knows there is data and you make sense out of it through patterns, sequences and structures. But then, what do Data Analysts do? Isn’t this what they do? Moreover, even Statisticians do the same thing, isn’t it?

For this webinar, we called up some Senior Data Scientists from companies like Walmart & Gainsight and discussed some of the basics of Data Science like :-

  • What is Data Science in simple terms and what is the role of a Data Scientist.
  • How companies like Walmart, UnitedHealth Group and Gainsight apply Data Science in their projects.
  • Practical uses and applications of Data Science.
  • What skills are required and what one should study to become a Data Scientist.
  • How humongous amount of data affects the society.
  • Interview tips & advices.

Watch the video above to find out more interesting stuff!

Meet The Speakers

 Chandramani Tiwary - GainsightChandramani Tiwary | Principal Data Scientist, Gainsight
Chandra is a Machine Learning fanatic with 9 years of experience. After completing his Masters in Science from Symbiosis, he worked on Big Data in a few well known start-ups. He joined Gainsight in 2013 and currently is Principal Data Scientist II at Gainsight, handling its teams working on Sally – The Chatbot, Text Analytics and Auto Theme Detection.

Swapnil Jadhav - WalmartSwapnil Jadhav | Senior Data Scientist, Walmart Labs
After having worked as a Software Engineer in McAfee, Swapnil moved into Data Science (Product Engineering) at Rediff in 2014. Later, he joined Haptik Inc as a Machine Learning Scientist. With almost 4.5 years of experience in Data Science, Swapnil now works a Senior Data Scientist at Walmart Labs.

Amritanshu Kumar - UnitedHealth GroupAmritanshu Kumar | Data Science Head, UnitedHealth Group
Anshu has been working with United Health Group, a #5 in the Fortune 500 list, for the last 10 years. He started his career at UHG in 2009 as a Business Analyst, then became a SAS Programmer, turning to Healthcare Economics Consultancy. And since the last two years, he’s been working as a Manager of Data Science & Research at UHG.

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