Product Management is one of the most sought after role. But what is it and what is the role of a Product Manager? What does a product manager really do? Being in it’s nascent stage, there is ambiguity surrounding Product Management, and thus we need to discuss it.

This webinar will teach you what Product Management really means in real world & how to make a career in the same. Joining us are the Senior Product Managers from Amazon (Suyash Singh), FoodPanda (Pooja Singh) & Rubrik (Anant Mahajan). We discuss what one needs to know to become a PM and what a Product Manager does at various companies.

Suyash hollistically explains what a day looks like in a PMs life at Amazon & what he does as a Product Manager. He also describes how they solve some complex problems and make products successful in this cut throat competitive market. He explains the tools and softwares that he uses as a PM & how they have helped him being better at Product Management.

Anant adds to the discussion that one needs to keep hustling and learning to reach the position of the product manager and it all depends on the will that one has. He also mentions that one can reach a PM role from most other roles. For ex, sales, the skills and the know how of being at the fore front of the business & out there in the field equips sales managers with skills & insights that help them to be good product managers.

Pooja ponders upon the areas of soft skills remarking that soft skills are as important as technical skills and one should keep updating his or her Emotional Quotient. She remarks that Data Analytics is one of the major key aspects of being a PM as it backs up all the decisions that one takes and gives out the right sets of answers.

To know more interesting stuff, watch the session above!

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