“The HR will call you if you are selected”
“We will discuss with our team and get back to you”
“We’re interested but there are some more interviews lined up”

I am sure you must have heard these statements from the recruiters if you have ever given an interview.

In most of the cases, All these statements reflect the same thing.

That “You’re Rejected”.

But have you ever thought why have you been rejected. It all starts with the recruiter’s ability to look for specific cues and behavioural traits that help them to evaluate you on each and every action you do. Right from your entering the interview room to the way you sit, speak, your body language, how well you have dressed up and a plenty of other things, recruiters notice everything.

Every recruiter is different and has a different evaluation criteria of a candidate.

So, what do recruiters look for in a candidate during the interview?

Let us dive into the exact details and how you can make your way into cracking the interview with ease.

1. Be Prepared and Practise Hard

This is the most common advice given by almost all career advisers on the planet . The reason being that most job seekers land up at an interview unprepared. This is due to lack of practise and preparation.  A Successful interview is when you know of the possible questions an employer can ask and you have answers ready with you. It is when you know what you are speaking about, making sense and connecting the dots to show your employer that you are fully prepared and proactive in handling any challenges.

2. Confidence is the key!

How many times you have been told “Just be yourself” ? It is not a random advice given to you. Rather it has a purpose behind it; to make sure that you present yourself just like you are.

Many job seekers make the mistake of impersonating the traits of an ideal employee that the employer wants to hire. In an attempt to impress the recruiter, they present themselves with a personality that isn’t their own. Recruiters are smart enough to identify the disguise and whenever they do, it is an immediate red flag. This is one of the most important things recruiters look for in a candidate.

We asked Amit Avasthi, CHRO, Top 100 HR Influencer and Associate Director HR at HCL for his advice to candidates appearing for an interview. Here is what he says:

Be your natural self, faking it might sail you through the interview but won’t help in the job.

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Believing in yourself and your capabilities, you can actually impress any employer in a interview. Just present yourself confidently and answer the questions asked to the best of your knowledge. The recruiters are not looking for an ideal candidate, they are looking for an ideal personality with the confidence to achieve whatever they do. So, Better not lose your chance.

3. The way you dress says a lot about you!

It shows to the recruiter that you take the interview and the job seriously. Although these norms are changing rapidly but when it comes to professionalism, nothing is better than a formal attire. No one is likely to care if your clothes are fashionable.

4. Make a firm handshake with the recruiter 

Your handshake says a lot about you. While a nice, firm handshake says you are professional, a weak handshake gives the impression that you are either not interested in the job or you lack must needed social skills. On the other hand, making a “too firm” handshake gives the impression of aggressiveness.  In order to improve your handshake, practice it with your friends.

5. Employers love storytellers.

Interviewers aren’t looking for one-word answers — they’re looking for stories about how you made an impact in previous roles. So when an interviewer brings up your past role, don’t just say, “Yes, that was a great experience.” Explain! This is your ultimate chance to shine. The recruiter wants to hear about what you learned, how you took challenges, and how you helped your organisation to grow both culturally and in business.

6. Research the company and read the job description thoroughly

Whenever you start preparing for the interview,  you should try to read about the company, its leadership team, and the interviewer with whom you’ll be interacting. Go through the company account on LinkedIn, see their employee activities and other information about the company online. This way you can show that you have done your homework well. Believe it or not, it is the most effective way to tell the recruiter that you are really interested in the role.

Kunjal Kamdar, Group Manager of HR at WNS Global services also re-emphasises on the importance of researching about the company you are going for the interview.

Research about the company and the person interviewing you.

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7. Reach before time

Arriving 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled interview is acceptable. This send a message to the employer that you are punctual and someone who values time.

Here is an Infographic that we prepared at Instahyre, explaining 5 most important tips to land a dream job at top MNCs like Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, Amazon, Paytm and 800+ Enterprise businesses hiring on Instahyre.

How to land a dream job

Note that this post is by no means written to scare or agitate you. It’s just an effort to dig deep into a recruiter’s mind and know how do they perceive & evaluate things while conducting interviews, and ultimately, what do they look for in a candidate.